Light of hope children’s ministry Uganda (LOHO MINISTRIES UGANDA LIMITED) is a government registered Christian ministry registration Number 80020001279060, which welcomes  and nurtures with great love all those vulnerable and needy children society have cast aside as of no worth or consequence.  Jesus said suffer the little children to come unto me and forbid them not for of such is the Kingdom of heaven. 

Jesus died for these too.

 Light of hope children’s ministry pray before each and everything we do and act on, asking God’s  Holy will and wisdom.  

Light Of Hope do everything in an open and transparent manner documenting every action.  

Light Of Hope live and exist on faith alone for the Glory of God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit.   

We consider our children, sons and daughters as one  family.  

As we are with our friends and sponsors from allover the globe.  There is a love bond which transcends distance and race group.  Together we celebrate: Mukama mulungi ekiseera kyona.  God is good all the time.  We are One family in Christ Jesus .  

The tower of Babel in the bible separated people to subdue the evil in man’s heart . Language was confused.  Now because of God’s great work in our hearts in and through the resurrection power of the Holy Spirit God is bringing East and West together in love for God and for each other.  

Family is important to us.

All our children in our program are orphans, abandoned, needy and vulnerable. The majority of them don’t have biological parents. We try to keep children with their family if they have any living relative. 

We do so by enabling them through providing necessities, education and encouragement. It is ideal for children to be with the family God provided them. If our children truly don’t have living biological relatives or if the home situation is significantly unhealthy he or she is placed in Light of Hope children’s orphanage home.

If you are led by the Holy Spirit to bless, sponsor or to adopt a child – you are welcome and encouraged to meet your child in Uganda, if you are able. You will have a unique opportunity to spend as much time as you are led by the Holy Spirit. 

Relationship is very important with us at light of hope .

We assure you that 100% donations go to the cause.

The child you have chosen to bless , adopted or to sponsor will receive necessities such as food, clothing, shelter, hygiene products, medical needs, Bible ,  Education  and is a MUST  for he or she  to learn of God our Heavenly Father and His kingdom.  

The greatest hope we offer our children is they will never walk alone in this life.  God is with them every step of the way.  They are now part of His greater family from every tribe and tongue and nation.  But above all they have great gospel hope.  They get to spend eternity with their loving Lord and Saviour, their Greatest Treasure – for ever.  In a place of no more tears.  The new creation.  A new heaven and a new earth where Jesus himself will rule in the midst of us. And each of us will have a new eternal body with no deformities no disfigurements.  No pain.  For ever and ever. Amen.  God’s people in Gods place under God’s rule.