We are Light of Hope Children’s Ministry-Uganda located in Nakaseke district katooke-Wakyato village. We love serving the Lord through helping children especially orphans and other vulnerable children find hope in a world where they see no future and an emptiness in their souls. At light of Hope Children’s ministry, we support a total of 250 children, 40 of whom stay at the home while the rest reside in the community with their guardians. We only have 40 at the home because of the limited space that we have. We accepted to fully accommodate the 40 because some had lost one or both parents or experienced the death of other family members; neglected, destitute, abandoned or abused; have a parent or guardian who is ill; have suffered increased poverty levels; have been the victim of human rights abuse; are HIV positive themselves. For those that reside in the community with their guardians and receive support from their respective homes, we want them to create strong relationships with their guardians in the community and also help their guardians who are at times elderly. As LOHO, we are committed to building the kingdom of God by seeking God’s guidance in breaking the cycle of poverty that these children are chained in. In the poor community we serve, children are born to poor parents, these fail to have a decent education or even complete school, they end up as child parents as a result of early pregnancies or marriage and the cycle of poverty continues.

For the many children under our care, we largely depend on the grace of the Almighty Lord that blesses us with sponsors and donations from people the Holy Spirit has guided. Most of these children need an education, scholastic materials, clothing, food but we as a growing organization and ministry cannot meet all these needs adequately. The children need more support, and it is why we call upon people in their families, local churches, social media groups, and organizations that are guided by the Holy Spirit to join us in working to support the children at LOHO so they can have hope. You can support through prayer and or material support. You can as well volunteer with your skills or support us in looking for children’s support. All the support we receive is put to its rightful purpose. We are as well open to visitations. You can visit us to see how much the Lord has blessed the children at LOHO through our various sponsors. 


Realizing that as human beings we are different and unique, we at light of hope children’s ministry take great care of this in addressing the various needs of the children under our care. We can only understand and evaluate the impact of our programs on the children by understanding the unique situations of each child. Our children have been through different experiences that have shaped their lives thus creating unique needs for each child. We do a needs assessment for each child for our programs to have an impact.


As a Christian organization, we realize that orphans and other needy children in our community often live in deplorable situations and deserve protection from all of us. Psalms 82:3 reminds us to defend the poor and the fatherless. We are God’s hands and feet on earth and he commands us to take care of the orphans. These orphans though at times cared for by family members, most of the time are living in poverty and as such need assistance in form of adequate food, health care, clothing, education and psychosocial support. Imagine a life where you are raised by a fellow child who is just slightly older, a life where a meal in a day comes by chance, a life where medicine, shelter, and clean water cannot be accessed. Imagine living a life that misses out on the fun of childhood that is key for growth and development. Living a life every day and you cannot have simple play items like toys, dolls, a ball to chase after, or a simple sweet candy to enjoy the sweet bliss of childhood. At worst there is no chance for education, and even if there was, you would have no books, pens or pencils or crayons and perhaps the distance is at least two kilometers to be walked on an empty stomach. They are often vulnerable to slavery, trafficking for sex work, and death. At light of Hope, we are determined to end this in our community with the help of our Lord Jesus. 


As a Christ centered growing ministry, we came to a realization that the best way we can contribute towards building the kingdom of God is through prayer and finding support for the many orphans and other needy children in our community that live in deplorable situations and deserve protection from you and I. However, we can’t do this task alone, which is why we invite you to join us for a holistic upbringing of the children. We request that you partner with us in the spiritual nourishment of the children especially through prayer and fellowship. You can as well join us in prayer as we pray for the basic needs the children need like education, medical care, clothing, among other things. 


As LOHO, we make sure the orphans are given a safe environment in which to grow, given somewhere to sleep, regular food and schooling, and visit their families often. Most important is that the children are taught about the salvation of Christ and given quite stable lifestyles. However, we can’t do this task alone, which is why we need more support. The number of children being rescued and in need of support is now overwhelming. We are now in need of more sponsors, donors and prayer partners to help us in this work.  We need support from churches, non-profits, individuals or group of individuals so we can build this great work of God of helping these less fortunate children. Your support can always come in any form however small it is. As LOHO, we believe it’s a blessing when you join us in serving the lord through supporting these children. You can contribute or get involved in any way say; through prayer, helping us rally more support using your platforms, come to Uganda and pay a visit to the children at the orphanage so they can feel someone out there cares about them, sponsor a child through education or offer support towards buying food, clothes and other basics for these less fortunate children.