Food Project



At Light Of Hope , we have always been touched by the imagination of having children starve to death just because they have no father or mother to fend for them.
Even if they had a parent, these parents are always too poor to afford even a quarter of a piece of bread to share among their often eight or more children.
Parents or just guardians are often victims of HIV/AIDS and are as such too weak to help themselves. Some are child parents and do not have access to land to grow food for their families.
As light of hope we are aware that the orphans and other vulnerable children we take care of are born of such parents and conditions.
These are children whose legs are too thin and weak to support their bodies.
These are children too small and short for their ages; children suffering from diseases of food deficiency; children dying too early because of weak immune systems.
Guided by the Holy Spirit and our faith in the Lord, we are determined to end this not by our might but by the Grace of our Lord through providing food.
Food supports the life system to perform a number of functions and it is why it is the most urgent need we have at the children’s home.
The children need adequate meals in order to gainfully benefit from their education.
They as well need food so they can comfortably listen to a sermon in church.
However, the hard-hitting pain of wondering where the next meal is coming from is what worries us most as a growing ministry.
As we all pray for the children at Light of Hope Children’s Ministry, lets pray for food.
Let’s pray and support so the children can be sure of daily meals and not just the one meal they get that often comes by chance.
For a steady assurance of food for the children here at Light Of Hope , we need at least $ 3000 every month. With this, we will be sure of every child getting the required three meals a day and sure that this will be available every day.
Let’s save a child from starvation today! Let’s all pray and contribute towards sustainable food presence.
“Whoever is kind to the poor lends to the Lord, and he will reward them for what they have done. ” Proverbs 19:17 NIV
This is a precious scripture that shows how much the Lord loves the poor. Just as in the story of the “Good Samaritan,” the Lord always “pays back” those who take care of the poor. The Good Samaritan was the man who found the beggar by the side of the road; the man had been robbed, beaten, and left for dead. The “Good Samaritan” was a man from Samaria (whom the Jews hated), but he was the only one who would stop and help the poor man…
The Lord is telling us that when we help the poor (maybe this is someone who needs help with their electric bill, has no food, needs some gas for their car, or any other need), when we help them, God will not let this go without paying you back, and He always pays with “interest.”
Today, keep your eyes and heart open. Ask the Lord to let you “see” what He wants you to see… Where is the need?  What does He want you to do?
Always be open to the Lord and He will bless you back abundantly! Have a blessed time ! You will find great joy and happiness in helping someone “who cannot pay you back,” because the Lord will
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