Child Support

We depend on the grace of the Almighty Lord that blesses us with sponsors and donations from people the holy spirit has guided. However, as a result of the devastating effects of COVID-19, many people lost their jobs and have thus been unable to help support this great work of God. Though some children have sponsors that are taking care of their education and monthly welfare support, many are still without sponsors and as such cannot meet all their basic needs. Most of these children need an education, scholastic materials, clothing, food but we as LOHO cannot meet all these needs adequately. Each child needs 30 dollars per month. We use this money for education, food, medicine, clothing and scholastic materials. We only have four full sponsors for only four children. We are short of sponsors to help cover for the education, and other basic needs.

Ending Poverty

Poverty in Uganda seems to be a reality for nearly half of the population including the children. A number of people particularly the children are chained in life without the everyday essentials for survival like food, water or shelter. In the poor communities of Uganda, children are born to poor parents, these fail to have a decent education or even complete school, they end up as child parents as a result of early pregnancies or marriage and the cycle of poverty continues. As light of Hope children’s ministry Uganda, we are committed to serving the Lord through supporting children in breaking that cycle of poverty and destitution. We coordinate support through looking for sponsorship for the children and we strongly believe that your sponsorship creates lasting change for the children by providing access to food and medicine, education programs, and spiritual nourishment. We therefore call upon all the good Samaritans to stand with us to help support children in these poor communities.

Taking The Gospel To The Community

As light of Hope, our focus is not just the children at the home but the community around us as well. Realizing that the community in which we live has been under captivity of the devil, we have always moved out to share the gospel and the good news of salvation so people can be freed. We do evangelism and community preaching every Thursday in which we share the word of God with the people living in the community. Through this, we do not just do a community preaching but as well do charity outreach programs in which we provide food, clothes and other items to the needy especially the elderly and people affected by HIV/AIDS. We are driven by the acknowledgement of the synergy between the great commandment in Mathew 22: “Love your neighbor as you love yourself” and in Mathew 28: “Go and make disciples”. However, we cannot do these evangelistic outreaches alone. This is why we invite you to join us in building the kingdom of God either through sharing the word or by donating items to support the needy in the community. 

Vocational Skills Training

At light of hope children’s ministry, we take care of a number of children from various backgrounds and with different abilities. Our goal is to help bring hope to these children whose chances for a decent life ahead are slim if not supported. We do this through preaching the gospel and giving an education to these children with the help of a number of sponsors dedicated to helping these children. Academic excellence is the desirable hope that we have for the children. However, what happens if some children are not as academically competent as their peers. What happens to children whose talents and gifts could be in something else? As LOHO we believe that all children have something special they can do. We would like to expand the options for especially the children who are not so academically sound and competent. We believe these can be very productive citizens and members of the community when given the right skill set, moral and spiritual nourishment. We are therefore suggesting a blend of vocational skills for the children and particularly those that are not so academically competent. The training can be in skills like carpentry, tailoring, graphic design among other skills. We are therefore calling upon anyone that can help us through this initiative so these children can have a skill that can be a career path of choice. You could as well help pray so we can have this support come through for this category of children at LOHO.