Our Child Protection Commitment

Knowing that children are a gift and blessing from God, they deserve a great measure of protection. As light of Hope children’s ministry, we are guided by the welfare principle and do all that is in our means to do things that are in the best interests of the children. We as such honor the privacy of our children by avoiding to use their stories, pictures, videos among other things as manipulative and opportunistic means of gaining more funding. We take great care and caution in sharing the reality of the children’s lives with sponsors, prayer partners and donors. As an effort to protect the privacy and integrity of the children, when sharing touching and sensitive stories about them, we often change the child’s name for protection of privacy and identity or tell the story with informed consent and permission of that child.

Light of Hope Children’s Ministry-Uganda Behavior protocols

All people connected with LOHO are expected to treat children with respect and dignity

All those interacting with children must speak life-giving words to them

Causing a child to sin through abuse is very serious (Mathew 18:6)

An adult should not blame a child for the adult’s abusive behavior

Anyone knowing or suspecting that children are being abused is required to report the matter to the child protection team immediately.

Each individual staff member or others as required by LOHO must read the full child protection policy and sign the attached form to indicate their understanding and respect for it.

Response to Allegations

LOHO is committed to being a place where adults and children can forward genuine concerns or suspicious without fear of reprisal, we stand committed to the truth before God, regardless of whom it affects or implicates.

All investigations will be confidential, the child’s word will be taken seriously, and he/she will be protected from the alleged abuser as a full investigation is carried out.