Monthly Food, Clothing, and Medicine Sponsorship For Our Children


Every Single Dollar You give does go to make a difference in a child’s life. We would ask You to Pray about helping us provide for the Children and Widows that Almighty God has placed in Our care…We consider it an honor and a privilege to Serve Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ by helping others.


We Sincerely appreciate Your interest in Helping Our Children at Light Of Hope Children’s Ministry!

There are many ways to help Light Of Hope Children’s Orphanage in Uganda.  For as little as $30 a month You can provide Food, Clothing and Medicine to a Child. The Minister at LOHO, Sempala Ali prays first before he makes any decisions regarding our children, and for everything else for that matter. And so the first thing we would ask is that You Pray about Your decision to help. The children that are not yet old enough to attend school still need food, clothing, and medicine. In addition to the basic food, clothing and medicine that all children need, our School age children need tuition and school supplies. All of Our Children that do not already have one pray for Bibles…they cherish the word of God and our hungry for it. Please consider helping at any level You can. And You can always help by praying with us, for Gods direction for our future as we grow and move forward. Our need is great, Our Children are growing and our needs grow, but we know that Our God, the almighty creator of the universe is Greater. He always Provides!

For more information on sponsoring a child at Light Of Hope Children’s Ministry Uganda, Please email:

And someone will be back in touch soon…In Jesus Holy and Glorious Name