Buy A Child a Bible


You can Give the Word Of God To a Child at Light Of Hope Children’s Ministry Uganda for Just $10…Please prayerfully consider this gift of true Hope…For there is No Greater Hope than that found In Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ

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 We pray and believe that these young men, women and the children below, holding their own bibles, are the future leaders of Uganda and Our World…And they already know where to turn to for their direction, where to seek their counsel when making decisions, as they grow into those future leaders…This is of course the Word Of God…Our Children at Light Of Hope cherish the Word Of God, and their own Bible means so much to them…those that do not have one literally Pray For God to give them one of their own…Did You know that for Only $10 You can Give The Word of God To a Child at Light Of Hope Children’s Ministry…With Your $10 Donation, a bible is purchased and placed in a Child’s hands very quickly…usually within a matter of hours or in a couple of days at most. What a small price to pay for Most of Us, to give the Words of God Himself to these precious souls.  Would You Please prayerfully consider Your Gift and make a Child’s Day, Week, Life, In Jesus’ Precious Name

The Good News Bible…. The Very Best News Our World Has To Offer, The Word Of God Himself And His Precious Son And Our Savior Jesus Christ.